2015 Superfoods!

Heading into the fresh new year of 2015, we all have new year resolutions that we're trying to stick to! Sometimes we can all get a little overwhelmed with what we should and shouldn't be putting in our bodies. Superfoods were a hot topic in 2014 and that is a trend that is likely to stay for a long time to come.

More of us are now aware of the benefits of fuelling our bodies with the best ingredients and actively seek information on what’s trending. Here are the experts top predictions on what will be trending in health for 2015.


SUPER GREENS OF 2015 - Belinda Reynolds- Dietitian

Green juices and smoothies have certainly grown in popularity recently as the population becomes aware of the benefits dark green plant foods have for maintaining health.

For an extra nutrient boost, try adding dark green vegetables and sprouts into your juices/smoothies, salads and wraps.

Certain sprouts, including young broccoli sprouts, have great health properties such as high levels of nutrients and enzymes which can support the immune system and provide certain compounds important for normal cellular detoxification. They also contain powerful antioxidants which may help fight free radicals as well as minerals that are easily absorbed into the body.

The broccoli sprouts also contain up to 50 times more antioxidant sulforaphane than mature broccoli according to research presented at the Diet Epigenetic Events and Cancer Preven-tion Symposium in 2007 and they also have anti-inflammatory properties.

THE AUSTRALIAN SUPERFOOD TO WATCH - Belinda Reynolds- Dietitian, Nutritionist

Kakadu plum, or Gubinge, is Australia’s own superfood. It reportedly has the highest natural levels of vitamin C in the world with approximately 7000mg of vitamin C per 100g, which is close to 100 times the content of oranges!

Gubinge is antioxidant rich, and when consumed as part of a healthy diet may help to support the immune system. It has traditionally been used as a health remedy and is considered a “gift of the Dreamtime” by Aboriginal culture.

THE ANTIOXIDANT TO WATCH - Steve Eddey - Principal of Health Schools Australia

Although many people are aware of Coenzyme Q10 (Miranda Kerr claims to take it according to interviews in 2014) many people are not aware that Ubiquinol is the active and reduced form of CoQ10 and therefore is more easily absorbed in your body.

Science has shown us that as we age or if put our bodies under a significant amount of stress, our Ubiquinol levels decline often leaving us feeling fatigued, foggy, lacking in energy and even the inability to bounce back from heavy exercises.

Why? Ubiquinol is responsible for your energy levels, it powers your cells, particularly your major organs such as your heart, liver and it is responsible for your energy levels.

THE KING OF SPICES - Amie Skilton- Naturopath, Herbalist

Curcumin - the yellow active plant pigment found in turmeric has been used as a health remedy for centuries and it is now being heralded as ‘the next Omega 3’.

Previous studies have indicated that curcumin is poorly absorbed by the gut as it is fat soluble, however scientists have recently discovered a method to increase the bioavailability 27 times the normal rate with Theracurmin, an ingredient recently made available in the Australian market.

There are over 4000 scientific articles illustrating the benefits for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, making Theracurmin a key ingredient to watch in 2015

CLEANSE YOUR BODY IN THE NEW YEAR - Amie Skilton - Naturopath, Herbalist

Post festive celebrations, your body may be after a bit of TLC with certain ingredients that mop up free radical damage in the body.

Botanical antioxidants such as grape seed, milk thistle and gingko plus lycopene helps re-duce the impact of free radical damage. Trans-resveratrol is also a powerful antioxidant, found in red wine (which some may be trying to reduce). Other key antioxidant factors include vitamin A,C and E, plus manganese, selenium and zinc.

Watch out for these 2015 Superfoods and thank you to the wonderful health experts for their advice and predictions provided specially for all of you! They are amazing! LISTEN TO THEM! Nourish your body from the OUTSIDE IN. I hope that you find this helpful to stay on track with your January goals. If you ever have any further questions or need advice, you can always email me at katieisabellemartin@hotmail.com. Happy Tuesday lovers!

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