Happy Monday fitness babies!

I have some exciting news for you! Australian supermodel and fitness queen Hannah Saul is about to launch her new fitness app! HANXFIT!

Han x Fit was created by Australian supermodel Hannah Saul in conjunction with Hannah’s PT Nick Tate. Hannah has found a way to easily fit effective workouts into your everyday, busy schedule! She's a model constantly on the go, if she can, YOU CAN.

Workouts are broken up into bodyweight, gym, kettle bell and abdominal categories so you can use the app no matter where you are or what you want to train. We love convenience! Long gone are the days where you have to be in a gym space, this is a time saver! I love being at the gym (I live there) but I much prefer doing my workouts on the beach when I can. This allows you to do it! There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced level for all workouts and circuits are all 10 minutes so if you have little time you do one round and if you have lots of time you can as many as you can (I feel a challenge coming up!)

My love for fitness and the outdoors has made exercise a huge part of my life. I wanted to share my love and passion for healthy living and equally for young girls to live their life and realize how great our bodies are designed to feel inside and out.

I teamed up with personal trainer Nick Tait in Sydney and together we created these programs based on what I would do in and out of the gym. As I would also travel a lot with my career I needed to know workouts purely based on body weight that could be done in a hotel room or in a park.
— Hannah Saul

There are photos and written explanations of every exercise, plus videos for those! It’s very simple and easy to use. It took Hannah 2 years to create and perfect this just for you! This has been extremely high demand, everyone wants to know about this girl's secret workouts and health tips.

Hannah is known for her JETS, Nookie and Bendon campaigns. She has a new JETS campaign that is about to be released.

And it gets even better...

Hannah is currently offering pre-signups, so the first 5000 girls that sign up, get the app FOR FREE! Could it be any better?! *runs and signs up 5000 times* Kidding. But you need to go and do it, this is an amazing app that I know will deliver you amazing results that you can get from anywhere, anytime!

Sign up and check out more about the app at www.hanxfit.com and follow her on instagram at @hanxfit for exclusive daily tips and fitspo!

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