The best Protein Bars on EARTH!

Before you all roll your eyes and click away, give me one second to explain. I know this is a big call. With the One Bar revolution and ongoing Quest Fandom taking over the Internet since the dawn of time, it's hard to believe that I have found a bar to surpass any other. I'm lucky enough to try the newest and greatest products on the fitness market, some work for me, some do not. Everything is personal preference. Health products are a very subjective thing, be it different allergies, tastes or just general goals. This little beauty arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, I opened the box and it immediately spoke to me. The box read, 'Peanut Caramel', I was already sold. I relish these moments, when I discover the most underrated and glorious products on earth. This time has come again.


The Body Science International Protein Bars! 




It's important for me to note that even though these bars were sent for my consideration, I am not being paid to promote these. I will never accept payment to rave about a product I don't believe in, that is just not me. I PROMISE.  BSI do not even know I'm posting this. I only preach products to you that I believe 100% in and I mean it when I say this....

 THESE protein bars are the best thing on earth. 

The reality is, it would be cruel for me to not tell you and let you to miss out. You're welcome. 


Let's talk about why they reign supreme: 

1. They come in the greatest flavours - I salivate thinking about them. Peanut caramel, cookies and cream, mint chocolate...need I say more? 

2. They're low carb AND low calorie. Mind blown. My brain is still exploding.  

3. They've got 31 grams of protein PER bar. Time to lift some cars with my unparalleled strength. 

4. They taste better than most candy bars. I mean this. They even past the kid trickery test. This is better than any KitKat, Mars Bar or Bounty bar. 

5. This relates to number 2 but it's enough to turn into a separate point - it will NOT ruin your diet. It is the perfect guilt-free snack that tastes totally guilty, but isn't, y'know? 

6. They're affordable! The prices change depending on where you buy them. If you buy them from Body Science International directly, it's only $28.80 for a box of 8. BOX OF EIGHT. These babies will soon be worth thousands, so you're making massive savings. 

Body Science International also have a range of other amazing products including fitness apparel, pre-workout, fat burners, guilt-free snacks, protein powders and MORE

THESE WHITE CHOC HONEYCOMB PROTEIN BALLS! I'm dying all over again, so I'm going to stop.

Check out this wonderful company here! 

(Note: I automatically linked you to the protein bars. Hehe!)

Browse around and look at the rest of their wonderful range, I now cannot wait to try everything else!


Katie x