5 Reasons to Try Flow After Dark Today

by Kate Kendall


"Anyone who has taken one of my classes will know that I’m passionate about making yoga as approachable and light hearted as as possible. I believe it should be fun, not taken too seriously (although tears on the mat are normal and totally acceptable) and a tool that we use to amplify connection to self and others.

Flow After Dark was born from this idea and continues to grow and grow; so much so that we have to keep finding bigger locations to fit everyone in. Earlier this year we partnered with Silent Sounds (the guys who provide the headphones) and the result was the most incredible and one-of-a-kind experience, it is literally my favourite event and something that absolutely everyone, no matter what their level of experience, can participate in.

At Flow Athletic we also like to create as many touch points as possible for our members to connect. I think ‘connection’ is why we’re here as human beings and because we spend so much time working, heads down, laptops open, phones on it’s important to create experiences that are about getting together in a fun fuelled and healthy way.

So with that in mind, here are 5 reasons to try our Flow After Dark silent yoga disco in 2016.


I think people are craving soul-expanding experiences like this. And sadly, Flow After Dark is not something that you can do everyday. A lot of thought and time goes into these events to ensure that they have the right energy, are held in the right space energetically and that the surroundings are inspiring. We also love partnering with like minded people who come together with the same aim of creating a really special experience.

Each event has between 400- 700 people attending and the vibe is electric!


Have you ever felt like you just want to be alone, but you also kind of want to be around people? Silent Yoga is perfect for that!

Imagine being surrounded by a sea of people who all have the same intention as you, but you can’t hear them, you just know they are

there. It’s the perfect class to zone out completely and enjoy some ‘me’ time while still feeling like you’re a part of something.


Cities are pretty busy; needless to say that it’s tough to set up a yoga studio that is completely free of the noise that the street traffic brings.

Thanks to the Silent Sounds headphones, you can now Savasana without the beeping horns, screeching breaks and loud conversations from the passers by on the street.


When you’re wearing the headphones, you will literally hear my voice whispering directly into your ear to lead you along which almost makes it feel like a private session.

You won’t have to look around and strain to hear the instructions as the class is literally delivered straight through your wireless headphone to you.


There’s no doubt that trying something different is exciting! It’s also a great way to get you motivated to workout.

Get your friends or colleagues together and make a night of it!

ABOUT Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall is one of Australia’s favourite yoga instructors. She is the co- founder of Flow Athletic and she is a Blackmores Yoga and Wellbeing Coach


Melbourne: 30 August at the Melbourne Park Function Centre for 700 people! August 30th is Melbourne’s 181st birthday!!

Gold Coast: 11 October at Southport Sharks for 450 people

Sydney: 27 October, Horden Pavilion for 1200 people!! HALLOWEEN PARTY. This will be our biggest and brightest event yet!!"


Do not miss the opportunity to experience the new biggest fitness trend of 2016! I can't wait for you to experience the magic of Flow After Dark. 

Katie x


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Miss Universe Australia

If you don't know already, I'm a QLD finalist for Miss Universe Australia! I feel extremely honored and lucky to be selected for this opportunity! Thank you to Owen from GC Magazine for this recent interview.

March Challenge!

🌻 I'll often get asked "What diet should I follow?"...every diet is subjective, but the one rule that ALWAYS applies to every human is to eat REAL food 🍏🍍🍉Wholesome, organic, non-processed food! Our bodies crave the most authentic kind of nourishment 👏This week I encourage you to get off the scales....PLEASE! 🙏Momentarily dispel tape measurements & self worth based on numbers ✋(I'm also guilty of this, so I'm right by your side on this journey 👣) Eat until you're full 👐Eat colourfully 🌈 Measure your progression based on your energy, happiness and mindfulness! 😊 Fuel your body the right way & you will glow from the outside in! ✨ PS - I'm always here for advice whenever you need it, drop me a line at enquiries@katieisabellemartin.com! 💚

Summer Beach Sand Workout!

Thank you to Lorna Jane for publishing my Sand Workout on their Move, Nourish, Believe blog! I've spent so much time perfecting this workout for all my Aussie beach bums this summer! (Maybe my sunny California & Florida beach bums too!) This workout is an ALL over body workout, targeting your legs, butt, abs, arms - you name it! I've got it covered! No time to choose our 'favourite' body parts to work this summer, if we want our bikini bods - we have to go hard or go home!

You can see my full workout in the link below!



K xoxo

Burt's Bees!

To all my lucky Aussies, the summer sun is sizzling, the beaches are buzzing and I don't know about you but THIS is the best time of year! (Summer AND Christmas together...who could complain? Hint: Not me!) 

Introducing my favourite, holy grail, go-to organic & natural beauty range, BURT'S BEES! When I say holy grail, I really mean it! I came across this company about 2 years ago, I was looking for a new face wash that was free from nasty chemicals and unnecessary additives. I have the most sensitive skin in the world, and it will react to anything and everything! Not only did it make my skin NOT flare up (that's a first!) but my skin was noticeably softer and more radiant the following morning. Since that day, I have never looked back. For anyone else who has problematic skin, be it acne-prone or just simply sensitive like me, Burt's Bees will have the perfect solution for you. I also had a similar problem with lip products - a product says it will repair them & they just get progressively worse! I was struggling to find a balm that would dramatically improve & repair dry lips and then I found the BB Beeswax Lip Balm. It's loaded with coconut, peppermint oil and sunflower oil, how could you really go wrong?!?! It was a saving grace for my poor, miserable lips. Now being in the snow in Chicago, I'm forever fighting against the chilly winds! I reapply this baby every hour and my lips feel softer and smoother than a baby's bum! PLUS they smell like honey & have a beautiful slight tint of color to them - perfect for those au-naturel makeup days.


Not only do this company make beautiful, natural and organic products but they extend their greater good philosophy into the world through community outreach programs and by maintaining environmentally friendly practices with their company partnerships. They even plant urban gardens and build hive boxes to help the recovering bee population! MY HEART! They've been changing the world since 1984 when they started!


As I mentioned above, because Burt's Bees PACKS moisture, it will be your best friend in the summertime, but also in the wintertime! Let's face it, our skin can be dry, stubborn & troublesome all year round but most particularly in extreme weather conditions - extreme heat and extreme cold! Even there's nothing to 'repair' per say, sometimes we just want to give our bodies, faces and lips some TLC, just because we can & we should! Since 2014 I switched all of my beauty and makeup products to organic based. It has done my skin WONDERS. I really do have Burt's Bees to thank for this. 

They have everything from delicious hand cream! (ALMOND hand cream might I add *dies*) to lip care to baby products! Yes! You heard me Mamas! AMAZING baby products to make your life a little easier (and smell darn good!) Along with the baby range, they a 'Mama Bee' range with products targeted towards soothing and comforting mothes after that 9 month stretch. 

Rolling around to Christmas and the festive season, they have the perfect little gift sets for everyone! (they're all on my wishlist, I couldn't choose!), they're so affordable, and right now, it's free, standard delivery with purchases over $55! 

Please check this incredible company out at www.burtsbee.com.au and support their wonderful philosophy and support of mother earth. Companies that promote sustainability ARE the leaders of the new beauty revolution. I absolutely adore every single product- NO exaggeration (I only preach products I believe 20000% in) AND I love everything this company stands for. Using our earth materials to create magic concoctions whilst promoting sustainability. Thank-you Burt's Bees for completely changing my beauty world! 

Happy Monday beauty babies!